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Electrical Testing - Commercial

Electrical Testing in Commercial Properties and Public Buildings

Electrical installations within commercial buildings or those used for public use are required to be inspected on a regular basis (see below). Not only are inspections required by legislation but they may also be required in order to ensure that insurance policies do not become void in the event of a loss.

Testing should be undertaken by a suitably qualified electrician. If any defects are found or remedial work deemed to be necessary in order to restore the installation to the required standard, we can provide you with a detailed quotation for the work required. 

Maximum periods allowed between Periodic Inspections:

- Commercial Installations - 5 years.
- Industrial Installations - 3 years.
- Buildings open to the public - 1 year.
- External Installations - 3 years.
- Caravan Parks - 1 year.
- Fire Alarms - 1 year.
- Short Term Installations - 3 months.
- Site Installations - 3 months.

From 1st July 2008 any installation that is tested, designed or constructed will have to comply with the 17th Edition regulatory changes. These amendments bring the UK into line with European standards and the additional requirements are quite wide ranging.

Essex Energy Services is a NICEIC Approved Contracor

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